Asic Cryptocurrency Mining Distributor

Miner and network installation -

Miner and network

GBM-UG offers professional installation and configuration of the equipment on your farm.
GBM-UG's team also sets up servers to create a secure mining network 


GBM-UG has trained technicians ready to send to your site. These technicians will inspect your farm, make diagnostics, and train your personnel to work with Bitmain, Whatsminer, Innosilicon and Avalon miners.


Our experts fully manage your farm remotely
We also provide on-site team management, saving you time and ensuring you can remain stress-free

Secure Mining Hardware

Mining optimization and control
Flexible settings: preinstalled autotune presets and intelligent overclocking with the most optimizes values
Firmware Features

Stable Mining Hardware

Unique configuration for each element
Selection of voltage and frequency on each board automatically and manually, fan control, frequency tuning individually by chip.
Firmware Features

Efficient Mining Hardware

Auto downscale and upscale profile
Save your time and your devices. During the critical temperatures do not waste time selecting the optimal values, just look at how it happens automatically.
Firmware Features
Virus protection
Full protection and signature updates, the new service provide total virus protection. Our database delivers real-time updates. Notifications about attempts of entering wrong password on your device.
Firmware Features
Additional monitoring features
Full protection and signature updates, the new Advanced graphics and wattmeter features can show you all the overall info and will simplify maintenance.
Firmware Features
Nice little useful features
"Find ASIC", Watchdog, network diagnostics, API, additional protection of chips and boards against s/c caused by manufacturing defects, ability to ignore some errors.
Firmware Features

Crypto Container Solution Management

container handling

GBM-UG has extensive experience in container handling.
We can perform remote management for your containers anywhere in the world, maintaining maximum performance for the miners, along with optimal temperatures and organize work on-site

We are recommended by some of the largest container suppliers for mining solutions in the USA
Westblock - Ez blockchain - Miner Park - Highwire Energy Partners 


  • 5 mining operations under our management in the USA, Germany and Canada
  • 30 MW power 550+ PH
  • 7 years of experience
  • 36 team members

Firmware  Secure | Stable | Efficient -

Get max from your ASICs with GBM-UG ASIC Firmware 1. Manual and automatically settings for getting the extra hashrate, full protection from viruses, and bunch of Wattum features to manage all the farms even easily.


Monitor Production Production is tracked at all times


Equipment optimization Update firmware and drivers


Part replacement Part ordering and equipment repair


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